Wednesday, March 22, 2017

April Class Feature - Feminine Empowerment for Young Adults

Feminine Empowerment for Young Adults

Wednesday, April 19

This class is open to all feminine-identified youth, ages 11-18. In this class we will cover a wide range of topics presented through hands-on activities including: blending a supportive herbal tea, binding a journal to track the cycles and milestones of your life, discussing consent and how to express and maintain boundaries, creating a magic anointing oil for emotional and hormonal balance, learning some basic self-defense techniques, and getting to know an iconic feminine power symbol—the moon!

Instructors: Jackie Pleus & Audrey Daye (with Alex Daye—self-defense portion only). Audrey and Alex staff youth empowerment programming together every summer, are both trained in mediation and childhood education, and are raising two boys. Alex teaches martial arts professionally. Jackie is a peer-educator in co-counseling and non-violent communication and has been a camp counselor at a number of camps in Thurston County.

Cost: Sliding scale $1–$30. Paying the full cost allows us to offer this class to all who wish to attend.

To register, call Radiance at 360-357-5250
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Saturday, March 18, 2017

April Class Feature - Heavy Baby Workshop in the Waldorf Tradition

Heavy Baby Workshop in the Waldorf Tradition

Saturday, April 15

Participants will be provided with the materials and instruction to hand-sew a heavy-weight Waldorf-style baby doll. We will fill the dolls with wool and organic buckwheat hulls (and optional lavender flowers). Students will be provided with pre-formed traditional Waldorf-style doll heads, and will be able to choose between a variety of skin-toned cotton for the face and a variety of natural fabrics for the body. Students may also bring an old sweater or piece of clothing to use for the doll’s gown and cap. The completed dolls will be between 12” and 18” in length. Students will also have the opportunity to place a gemstone, specifically chosen for the child recipient, into the heart of the doll before it is sewn together. Class is intended for adults, but may be suitable for older children. Please contact instructor Audrey Daye at with inquiries regarding child participants. Please note: some participants may finish before 5pm.

Instructor: Audrey Daye. Audrey has extensive training and experience in children’s programming and Waldorf traditions and has been a handicraft instructor for both adults and children for more than 15 years.

Cost: $60, includes materials
To register, call Radiance at 360-357-5250
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

April Class Feature - Shamanism 101

Shamanism 101

Tuesday, April 11

What is shamanism? What is it to be a shaman? There will be a discussion about shamanism versus being a shaman. Topics to be included: sacred places, vision quests, ‘magical power’, calling, shamanic tools, altars, and ways to connect with the divine living world.

Bring your questions and experiences to this lively hour and a half question and answer format that will allow one to begin to see what it means to be a shaman. Discussion will explore the weekend workshop shamanic phenomenon, and how this fits into our secular society. We will have an opportunity to look deeper at the role of shamans in traditional and modern society, and the commitment and sacrifices entailed.

Instructor: Peter Brown. Peter is an initiated Marakame (One Who Knows) in the Huichol tradition and crowned Granicero (Weather Worker) in the Nahua tradition of Mexico. Peter has a healing practice in Olympia and maintains relationship through travels several times a year for pilgrimage and to sit with his elders.

Cost: $10
To register, contact Peter Brown,
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Saturday, March 11, 2017

FREE TALK: How to Play Tibetan Singing Bowls

FREE TALK: How to Play Tibetan Singing Bowls

Saturday, April 8

Himalayan singing bowls are powerful and amazing healing instruments. Each is uniquely crafted and possesses distinct tones. Join us for this talk on how to approach a bowl to release its vibrational essence.

No registration required for this free event. Just show up and enjoy!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

April Class Feature - Medicine of Peace: Natural Remedies to Promote Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Medicine of Peace: Natural Remedies to Promote Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Thursday, April 6
6–7:30 pm

The modern world overwhelms us with stress. Fortunately the Natural World is blooming with support for our emotional well-being! Join folk herbalist Kate Abarbanel in a relaxing exploration of herbs, flower essences, essential oils, and stones that can bring ease to the mind and spirit. We will discuss the traditional preparations of these remedies and other self care strategies. Come enjoy a cup of relaxing tea and learn how natural remedies can support our peace of mind.

Instructor: Kate Abarbanel. Kate is a folk herbalist and Radiance employee. She has a deep relationship with the green world. She has studied plant medicine and folk magic in Washington, North Carolina and New Orleans. She loves sharing her knowledge of natural remedies with the community.

Cost: $20
To register, call Radiance at 360-357-5250
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Sunday, March 5, 2017

April Class Feature - Thriving Beyond Cancer

Thriving Beyond Cancer

Sunday, April 2

If you have survived cancer and wish to enhance your life and renew your being, this workshop is for you. Do you wonder how to safely detoxify from treatments, improve your energy, rebuild stamina, restore your zest for life, prevent “late-stage” side effects, manage anxiety and fear of cancer recurrence, sort through the various dietary approaches and food recommendations? How do we decide what is right or best for us? How can we know what to believe? It is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the avalanche of advice—often contradictory—received from family, friends, practitioners, media. Join me for a dive into your questions and concerns.

Well-chosen plant medicines and foods can help restore balance and protect our health. In this class, you will learn key principles for promoting a deep sense of well-being…and specific, practical actions and natural substances that can support your mind and body in maintaining health or living with cancer going forward. Our simple, daily choices can affirm our intention to thrive and not merely survive! Short of having a one-on-one consultation, this class is a great way to learn a lot in one afternoon and also benefit from the questions of others—information that’s immediately applicable. There will be handouts, but please bring a notebook as well!

Instructor: Carol Trasatto. Carol has been practicing and studying herbal medicine for more than 35 years, teaching, writing, consulting, and promoting a holistic approach to the way we think about healing our lives and this planet. She has been Radiance’s lead herbalist/herb buyer since 1992. Carol has survived her own journey through an aggressive cancer and intense treatments—and is more impassioned than ever to help others survive and thrive through similar circumstances, in collaboration with the powerful medicines of nature. Carol is the author of Conscious Caregiving: Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Mindful Practices to Give Ease, offering extensive support for oneself as well as for those going through illness, intensive medical treatments, or dying.

Cost: $80, with handouts. [$145 for 2 who register and pay at the same time—bring a friend or a partner]
To register, please visit to see more details of what we’ll cover and to easily register online. Can also call Radiance at 360-357-5250.
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Saturday, March 4, 2017

April Class Feature - Abundant Life Workshop

Abundant Life Workshop

Saturday, April 1

Are you ready to allow abundance and prosperity into your life? Abundance includes all good things — money, happiness, positive experiences and prospering in all areas of life. Learn how to release blocks that impede your progress. Most people think that becoming more prosperous has to do with external conditions, however, there is a spiritual secret . . . it truly starts within you.

In this course you will learn: The biggest blockages to abundance and how to overcome them; How your childhood programming influences your ability to receive today; How your core beliefs influence your life and how to shift disempowering ones; How to call upon spiritual assistance and Prosperity Guides; Clutter-clearing methods for abundance and flow; Affirmations and visualizations for wealth and joy. Please bring a notebook and pen.

Instructor: Lisa Holm. Intuitive Guide, Medium and Teacher, Lisa has been empowering clients across the U.S. and internationally through classes, clairvoyant counseling, intuitive readings, mediumship, animal communication and spiritual healing since 2002. Lisa has studied with medical intuitive Tina Zion, Hay House author & Psychic Medium John Holland, and the Church of Religious Science. Lisa also teaches Intuitive Development, Animal Communication and Mediumship Mentoring. Website:

Cost: $56
To register, call Lisa Holm at 360-786-8617 or email
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage