Friday, January 27, 2012

Now Carrying Beautiful Curls!

Radiance is proud to offer Alaffia's Beautiful Curls line, a hair care line designed to focus on three seperate curly hair conditions: Wavy to Curly, Curly to Kinky, and Babies & Up (suitable for all curly hair types).


Alaffia defines the three type of curls in the following way, taken from their website:
In wavy hair, the wave or curl forms a gentle "S" pattern throughout the hair.  Wavy hair yields to gravity, hanging down and staying relatively close to the head.
Kinky hair is very tightly curled, with a clearly visible spiral pattern that can have rounded curves ("S" pattern), or more angled curves ("Z") pattern.   Kinky hair can easily tangle, since the coils interlock together. Because of this, breakage will occur if care is not taken when detangling.
Curly hair is all curls in between wavy and kinky. This covers a large range of curl diameter, but in all cases, the curls are well defined, springy with a well-defined "S" pattern, and ranges from big, loose curls to bouncy, tight corkscrew curls.
For more information about the different types of curls & Alaffia's suggested care instructions, please visit the following web page:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Damiana Cordial for Valentine’s Day

Start Making Now!

Damiana Cordial for Valentine’s Day

Damiana [Turnera diffusa] is a shrub native to the southwestern U.S. and Central America. It has an affinity for the nervous system and, among other attributes, it has a wide reputation as a relaxing aphrodisiac in its native range. In Mexico, for example, damiana liqueur is sold in distinctive bottles.

Damiana cordial can easily be made at home. The key is to let the preparation age long enough to let the flavors fully blend and develop. A little goes a long way; damiana cordial is meant to be sipped and savored.

This is perfect to share with a loved one…or to give as gifts. Begin your project now so that it will be matured by mid-February.

Here are some basic proportions. You can increase the recipe if desired.

1 oz dried organic damiana leaves

1 organic vanilla bean, split and chopped

2 cups brandy

1 ½ cups water

1 cup raw local honey

¼ cup rose water or hydrosol [optional]

Soak the dried damiana leaves and chopped vanilla bean in brandy for five days. Strain and reserve the alcohol in an airtight jar.

Place the strained, brandy-saturated damiana and vanilla in a separate jar and add the water. Mix well and let sit for three days.

Strain. Reserve the water in a fresh container. Compost the spent herb.

Warm the water extract gently in a pot over low heat. Dissolve the honey into this.

Add the sweetened water extract to the previously made alcohol extract and stir well.

Pour into sterilized bottle[s], label, and let age for one month or longer.

Can use as is or serve with a splash of rose water or hydrosol. Enjoy!