Thursday, December 1, 2011

Divine Chocolate Advent Calendars!

Yes, Advent starts today, but it's not too late!  We still have a few Advent calendars left.   And if you start your calendar a day or two late, that just means you get to eat more than one chocolate heart the first day.  Yum!

The Divine Chocolates Advent Calendar has creamy, fairtrade milk chocolate hearts behind every door. Come get yours while supplies last! 

Detox with Seaweeds

Seaweeds have been used for centuries to maintain and improve health. We are very pleased to now offer a concentrated seaweed product called Modifilan to support your body’s integrity and optimal functioning.

Harvested from the clean waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean, the brown seaweed Laminaria japonica possesses numerous health-promoting virtues. Modifilan was developed in the former USSR to help the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. Much study was also done on seaweed therapy in Japan following the explosion of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In addition to a wide array of trace minerals, Laminaria contains organic iodine, alginates and fucoidan. Iodine protects and normalizes thyroid function. Alginates have been shown to bind with toxic, radioactive heavy metals and escort them through the digestive system where they are excreted. Fucoidan has been shown to promote apoptosis, the normal cellular self-destruction mechanism that helps eliminate aberrant cells such as cancer cells.

Modifilan is not simply dried, ground seaweed—It provides highly concentrated and digestible dried juice of this kelp. Forty pounds of raw Laminaria is needed to produce a single pound of Modifilan. A patented cold-temperature extraction process preserves the molecular integrity of this medicinal food from the sea.

There are many ways Modifilan can be used—either preventatively or in response to health challenges or toxic exposures. Brown seaweed has been shown to be of benefit for: thyroid health; heavy metal detoxification, including strontium and cadmium from smokers; maintaining proper body weight; immune support; health of hair, skin and nails. Please explore some of the outstanding benefits this gift of nature may offer you.