Friday, May 22, 2015

Herb Walk: Coastal~ May 31st

The best way to build your relationship to the natural world is to learn the names and uses of the plants you live with. Enrich your experience of the ecosystems you call home, exploring the plants that thrive in the salty beach air or along our deep forest stream beds. Bring sturdy shoes, whatever water and snacks support your best comfort and attention, and a notepad and pencil.

Coastal herb walk will meet at the head of the short trail to the beach on the right side of the lower loop of the picnic area at Priest Point Park. [A riparian herb walk is offered in April.]

Instructor: Heather Dunn. Heather has worked at Radiance for seven years, and has studied herbalism with Sequoia Ladd and Corinne Boyer. She has published on human-plant relationship in Sacred Fire Magazine. She blogs on this and other topics at
Sunday, May 31
Cost: $25; $15 for children ages 10-18
To register, call Radiance at 360-357-5250
Class to be held offsite

Monday, May 11, 2015

Becoming Your Higher Self~ May 17th

 Your higher self is the highest ideal of your self—the most evolved, expanded version of your consciousness. When you meet and commune with your higher self you begin the journey of becoming your higher self. This part of you is centered in your heart and completely understands your soul path and the true nature of the universe! Your higher self possesses divine wisdom to share with you through your intuition to aid you in all kinds of tasks. Your higher self is capable of healing your body and clearing your mind of limiting belief systems that are creating conflict in your life. Your higher self is waiting for you to receive its unconditional love and service to your highest purpose. Real and lasting happiness is the fulfillment of that purpose with heart-centered living, meaningful relationships and savoring the gifts of each present moment. It begins with the inner relationship with your highest self.

Join me in exploring ways to tune into your higher self and how to use this incredible asset to navigate the seeming chaos of life. As always we will rely on the benefits of sound meditation within a gong bath to enhance/integrate the teachings.

Instructor: Jessica O’Malley LAc, LMP. Jessica is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist. She practices traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. She has been in love with vibrational medicine since childhood and has been using sound therapy to enhance her healing practice since 2007. Her first gong bath was in 2010, the experience was ecstatic and profound; she is excited to share the healing power of her gong with our community.
Sunday, May 17
Cost: $40
To register, contact Jessica O'Malley at 360-742-4448 or email
Class will be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Radiance's Bulk Body & Skincare Line

Radiance's Bulk Body & Skincare Line
Radiance offers a unique and affordable selection of Radiance label body and skincare products, designed to fit your skin's needs while staying easy on your pocketbook. Each Radiance label product is refillable too, so we can each do our part to protect the environment by reusing our containers.

Our latest addition to the line is the new Organic Spa Bath & Shower Gel. This lovely formula gently cleanses the skin, while nourishing with shea butter, apple, & oat extracts. Non-scented, you can scent with a number of our Radiance label essential oils, at no extra charge.

Stop in today to try it or any of our wonderful Radiance products!

Monday, May 4, 2015

May Community Acupuncture at Radiance Herbs & Massage~ June 4th

Thursday June 4, 2015 at 5pm and 6pm.

Join Jessica O'Malley L.Ac. for an evening of acupuncture. In this shared environment you can receive a treatment from Jessica as others also experience acupuncture. In this public environment it's only $20 per visit and the first visit is free. She has two time slots available- at 5pm and 6pm. Call to reserve your spot today! 360-357-9470

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gracefully Aging with Facial Gymnastics May 7th

Our face mirrors the rhythms and activities of our life and tells a wonderful story. In this class learn how to actively strengthen and train your facial muscles to achieve their best possible condition. This active care of the face can lead to the stimulation of lymph flow, the enhancement of circulation, the vitalization of all tissue, firming and rejuvenation.

By keeping our skin taut and facial muscles toned, we can slow and soften the age-dependent loss of firmness in a more natural way. Simple and effective short exercises will be demonstrated and practiced.

Instructor: Kerri Ward Merrill. Kerri is a licensed holistic esthetician, who trained under aromatherapy experts Michael Scholes and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. She specializes in natural health and beauty using plant and flower essences and enjoys sharing her knowledge of aromatherapy with a wide variety of individuals through her workshops, therapeutic facials and aromatherapy consultations.
Thursday, May 7
Cost: $25
To register, call Radiance at 360-357-5250
Class will be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage