Thursday, September 29, 2011

Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser

Here at Radiance we love Bay Area Company, Juice Beauty!

We are recommending their Exfoliating Cleanser as a great choice for the transitioning Autumn weather.

Juice Beauty describes the cleanser:  "Gentle enough for daily use, this soap-free exfoliate blends jojoba beads and refining pineapple enzymes with antioxidant-rich grape juice and soothing Aloe Vera to remove impurities and brighten the skin."

Friday, September 23, 2011

September 23rd is Hug a Vegetarian Day

Five Reasons to Hug a Vegetarian:

1.  They help conserve water.  It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat.  The average water consumption of a large-scale chicken farm is approximately 100 million gallons per day.

2.  Vegetarians could potentially solve our world hunger crisis.  90% of corn, 75% of soy, 65% of barley, and 90% of oats grown in the United States are used as animal feed.  More people could be fed with these grains than with the meat produced by them.

3.  They help reduce pollution.  In the United States, the meat industry is responsible for one third (35%) of the methane emissions and a whopping two-thirds (65%) of the nitrous oxide emissions, both considered greenhouses gases.

4.  A vegetarian diet could free up land for the production of food.  170 pounds of beef can be produced on an acre of land; the same area would be able to produce 20,000 pounds of potatoes.

5.  Vegetarians are just plain sexy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Equinox

Radiance will be closing at 6:oo pm on Friday, Sept. 23rd, in observance of the Fall Equinox.

We will reopen at 10:00 am on Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving Planet: a day to move beyond fossil fuels

Moving Planet Day is happening on Sept. 24th in many cities across the country.  It will be a day to put our demands for climate action into motion—marching, biking, skating—calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels.

In Olympia, this event is taking place downtown from 12 pm to 8 pm, with a picnic in Sylvester park from 5-7 pm.  Walk, ride your bike or take the bus and discover how easy it is to shop and explore downtown on foot---and let your voice be heard in support of change.  Some streets will be closed off to increase accessibility to some venues and encourage walking tours.

Check out the Moving Planet website for more information.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animal Essentials Sale

Did you know that Radiance carries a broad spectrum of natural wellness products for pets? Currently we are featuring select products from Animal Essentials at 25% off.

Animal Essentials is a wonderful company founded in 1994 by herbalists Greg Tilford and Mary Wulff-Tilford, authors of Herbs for Pets. Treat your four-footed friend to a wonderful diet and supplements.

We are pleased to be offering the following excellent products for improved digestion, coat, and diet:
* Ocean Omega Supreme - a liquid fish oil supplying essential fatty acids for a healthy coat and good digestion ( Purity tested, sustainably harvested ).
* Fish Oil Plus Supplement - in a capsule form for ease when traveling - purity tested and sustainably harvested.
* Herbal Vitamin & Mineral Supplement - Contains essential fatty acids and prebiotics as well as chia for improved digestion.Can be added to commercial pet food or as an addition to home made pet food.
* Green Alternative - 100% Organic green supplement powder, wonderful for pets with allergies.
* Plant Enzymes & Probiotics - A natural digestive aid for pets with digestive disturbances and for improved immunity and absorption of nutrients.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alissa Fanning, LMP. . . .

Is This Week's Featured Massage Therapist.

Alissa’s main goal is to help clients keep themselves healthy and feeling good. She believes in finding a solution to pain and not just treating its symptoms. Alissa is well trained in medical massage techniques such as myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Her other modalities include Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!

Radiance will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th.

We will reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 10 am.