Friday, November 30, 2012

Revitalized Water with Sacred Geometry

If you've been to Radiance recently, you might have seen the gorgeous TC Energy Design glassware near the front. You might have been attracted by the form of the carafes, so fluid looking, so vital. You might have been intrigued by the glass straws. Or you might have resonated with the chakra tumblers, each with an affirmation at the base of the glass.
But you might not know the very real power the design of this glassware holds. This is the power of the Fibonacci sequence, otherwise known as sacred geometry.

From TC Energy Design's website:

TC glassware increases the biological vibrancy of whatever is placed within it, as well as the area around it. That means the glassware revitalizes the natural quality of water and other liquids by the effect of the resonance waves which pass through the liquid within it, and which harmonize with and amplify each other. This generates increased vitality and a larger force field, improving the quality and biological value of any liquid. This resonance field is experienced within the glassware and is also transferred to the surrounding room in which the glassware is placed. This effect of TC glassware forms is due to their specific design, which is based on universal principles of musical and geometric harmony (also referred to as Sacred Geometry.)
So if you found yourself moved by the stunning beauty of these products, you now know why! And if you haven't come into the store and seen them, you are highly encouaged to do so!
Below is a small video of TC Energy Designs full catalogue. While we may not have in stock every single offering shown, what we do have is pretty incredible. And if you just need something that we don't have, please ask! Odds are that we might be able to easily get it for you.
Here's the catalogue:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New At Radiance!

Radiance is excited to bring in an affordable line of non-toxic, paraffin-free tea lights, votives and drip-less tapers! Goodlight Natural Candles are scent free and are made from 100% palm wax and pure cotton wicks, a combination that burns clean and bright. Now you can light any room without harmful fumes or soot associated with paraffin wax. Sold in economy size packs these candles provide a clean and green addition to your emergency preparedness supplies.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mychelle Dermaceuticals at Radiance!

In case you hadn't heard, Radiance now carries Mychelle Dermaceuticals! To celebrate, we're offering a special deal to our customers: from now thru the 15th when you purchase 1 Mychelle product, you get a 2nd (of equal or lesser value) at 25% off!

Mychelle truly is a unique line that pairs fruit stem cell technology with bioactive natural ingredients to produce tangible, clinically tested results.

From Mychelle: 
"Our obsession with creating amazingly effective skin care products is turning heads (and faces!) every day. We journey the world over searching for the most potent natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Whether it’s Edelweiss from mountain tops, Buddleja from the rain forest or the amazing Pumpkin right here in our backyard, our sources for wild crafted plants and hand selected fruits reflect our stubborn pursuit of the highest quality plant extracts, plant stem cells and essences. In the end, the consumer is guaranteed that each product is packed with a unique and proprietary combination of ingredients at the highest concentration levels that feed their skin with all the nutrients it could ever need…the result is healthier, more radiant skin that glows with appreciation."

Once again, that's:

Now thru November 15th: when you purchase 1 Mychelle product, the 2nd product (equal or lesser value) is a whopping 25% off.

Stop in today to talk with a staff person about how this vibrant skincare line can benefit your skin.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Great New Products from New Chapter

Liver TakeCare: Combines extracts of milk thistle seed, schizandra berry, turmeric, cilantro, artichoke, Aronia/ chokeberry, and freeze-dried wasabi rhizome. In veggie caps.

Immune TakeCare: A great option for those looking for elderberry’s powerful immune supporting actions. Combines Austrian black elderberries plus black currants. Mechanical extraction—no solvents used. Highly concentrated, with sugar molecules filtered out. Also in veggie caps.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jojoba Oil is back!

We are so happy to have Jojoba oil back in stock! Come is and replenish your supplies!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Meet our Massage Therapists: Diana Renison LMP

Diana combines 20 years of Acupressure, Swedish and Sports enhancement into a relaxing and invigorating session. She is an advanced SOMA Neuromuscular Integration™ Bodyworker, 4th level Cranial Sacral practitioner, and Lymphatic Massage instructor. She enjoys her work and believes you will too.

Call to schedule an appointment 360-357-9470