Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Sweet Medicine of Bitter Plants Class April 4th

As the plants flow with lifeforce, beautiful foods and medicines offer themselves freely, many possessing a bitter edge. In our culture many shy away from the bitter taste in favor of sweet or salty, in particular. But all of the tastes have a role to play in health, and the bitter may be one of the most necessary to bring balance in our culture of excess. For many of us, regularly incorporating more bitter into our days can have profoundly positive impacts. In this class we will discuss the role of the bitter principle in maintaining healthful weight, optimizing digestive function, supporting detoxification, much more. We will taste and explore the virtues of some of our green allies that offer bitter constituents and discuss how to work with them at home. Many of them can be found in our yards and gardens.

Instructor: Carol Trasatto, herbalist. Carol has been walking the herbal path for more than 35 years and brings great respect and appreciation for the intrinsic power of nature to heal. She has many tales she could tell to honor the wisdom of plant medicine. Carol loves teaching and writing and helping people skillfully embrace challenge and transformation in their lives. Carol is the author of Conscious Caregiving: Plant Medicine, Nutrition, Mindful Practices to Give Ease, detailing extensive support for caregivers as well as their companions going through intensive illness, medical treatments, or dying. She is the herb team lead at Radiance.

Cost: $33
Monday, April 4
To register, call Radiance or contact Carol to register online:
Class to be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage.

Monday, March 28, 2016

FREE Flower Essence Class April 2nd at Radiance

Flower essences are a wonderful category of plant medicine, quite distinct from essential oils with which they are often confused. Without scent and gentle, they can be remarkably useful in helping to address emotional patterns or tendencies. Join long-time Radiance staff herbalist Carol Trasatto for an introduction to the basics of working with flower essences effectively.
Saturday, April 2

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Abundant Life Workshop

Are you ready to allow abundance and prosperity into your life? Abundance includes all good things, money, happiness, positive experiences and prospering in all areas of life. Learn how to release blocks that impede your progress. Most people think that becoming more prosperous has to do with external conditions. However, there is a spiritual secret …it truly starts within you. In this two-part course you will learn: The biggest blockages to abundance and how to overcome them; how your childhood programming influences your ability to receive today; how your core beliefs are influencing your life and what to do to shift disempowering ones; how to call upon spiritual assistance and Prosperity Guides; clutter-clearing methods for abundance and flow; affirmations and visualizations for wealth and joy. We will break for lunch. Please bring a notebook and pen
Instructor: Lisa Holm. Intuitive Guide, Medium and Teacher, Lisa has been empowering clients across the U.S. & internationally through classes, clairvoyant counseling, intuitive readings, mediumship, animal communication & spiritual healing since 2002. Lisa has studied with medical intuitive Tina Zion, Hay House author and psychic medium John Holland, and the Church of Religious Science. Lisa also teaches Intuitive Development, Animal Communication and Mediumship Mentoring. Website:
Saturdays: April 2 and 9
Cost: $89 for both days
To register, call Lisa Holm at 360-786-8617 or email Lisa
Class will be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pendulum Dowsing for Health Class March 29th

Learn to use a pendulum to test the health of your body, house, food and environment. Dowsing is an ancient method for detecting subtle energies. Like muscle testing, pendulum dowsing can give you information about what foods you are allergic to, how fresh food is, whether food contains contaminants, and if there are hidden ingredients. You can also dowse for how healthy your organs are and what your body needs in order to heal. You can detect mold spores in your house and dust mites in your pillow. You can also test chakras for blocks and compromised energetic patterns. Unlike muscle testing, dowsing offers a variety of patterns that can communicate more information than just weak or strong, yes or no. Pendulum dowsing is a highly useful tool for energy workers, parents, massage therapists, and anyone concerned about their health.

Instructor: Amy Alison Taylor. Amy is a medical intuitive and empathic healer with a healing practice in Olympia, WA. To find out more about her, please visit her website,, or her Facebook page [Awake Walking].

Tuesday, March 29
Cost: $20

To register, contact Amy Alison Taylor at
Class will be held at Radiance Herbs & Massage.