Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moby Wraps at Radiance

Did you know that Radiance carries Moby Wraps?

We carefully and intentionally select a number of designs and styles so you have a full line of options: UV Protection (Yes, the sun will return soon!), Organic cotton, Silk, Limited Editions, and more.

Mobys are the perfect gift for expecting parents. Versatile and comfortable, they allow babe to be worn close to mama (or papa) with crossed back support. Moby Wraps can be used for babes up to 35lbs, so they're sure to last through the long haul.

Did you know these wraps are so versatile, you can even do yoga while wearing babe?

Check out the Moby website  for more details about wearing the Moby and doing yoga, as well as other baby-safe exercises.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mychelle Serums at 20% Off

As most of you probably know by now, Radiance brought in Colorado-based skincare line Mychelle Dermaceuticals.

For a limited time you can purchase Mychelle SERUMS at 20% off. 

A little more about serums, from Mychelle's website:

 Facial serums address a multitude of skin issues. Whether wrinkled, aging, sun damaged, acne-prone, or rosacea-prone conditions are your concern, each serum targets where it's needed most, and keeps your skin on track to becoming - and staying - healthy and beautiful-looking.
A good skin care regimen is important to maintaining the health and beauty of your skin — that's a fact. A gentle cleanser, balancing toner and nutrient rich, hydrating moisturizer are key components to any daily program, but as skin ages, experiences damage from sun exposure, or distressing breakouts pop up, a little extra defense is warranted. Enter serums, powerful treatments designed to zero in on a specific need.
Serums, by virtue of their thinner consistency and strong delivery vehicles, penetrate deep within the skin, quickly releasing their corrective ingredients where they can have the strongest effect. And since they are designed for targeted action, they can be layered for multiple issues (ie, sun damage, dehydration)...
...All of MyChelle's intensive serums are designed to be used daily, on freshly cleansed skin, prior to toner and moisturizer and may be layered one over the other* for multiple corrective effects, if needed. The bioactive ingredients are all at levels proven to be effective in clinical studies, assuring you the most powerful results possible. In the ever-evolving world of skin care, one thing is certain, MyChelle facial serums are an innovative blend of natural technologies and an important part of your healthy skin care regimen.

Stop in today and take a look at our selection of these wonderful serums.