Sunday, January 15, 2017

Treat Your Skin! Especially in this cold weather!

We love OHA.

"Many of the ingredients used in the OHA product line have had positive results when tested for wrinkle and scar reduction, and also the reversal and healing of acne, rosacea and psoriasis.
The ingredients utilized in the OHA product formulations are known to reduce inflammation and eliminate free radicals that interfere with the skin’s regenerative and detoxifying processes. Good nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and a therapeutic skin care program such as OHA, are proven to reduce and prevent skin damage and premature aging.
What makes OHA products different from other natural skin care or cosmeceutical products?
OHA Bio-Active Skin Care is not just just a “clean” and “natural” organic skin care system. Our passion for healthy skin led us to create a skin care system that delivers results by using Bio-Active, Biologically Familiar and Non-RBD ingredients. This powerful system will produce a healthy, youthful complexion and bring balance to all skin conditions.
Our formulations are designed to retain radiant and beautiful skin throughout the normal aging process OHA uses organic botanicals, therapeutic essential oils and restorative nutrients that together create a complete and effective skin care system. This combination produces exceptional therapeutic skin care products that surpass today’s consumer demands.
Cosmetics made with cosmeceuticals often use synthetic petrochemicals as a base for their nutrient ingredients. A synthetic base offers no therapeutic function and can hinder nutritive absorption. Natural products that contain cosmeceuticals usually limit the number of botanical ingredient they use, which minimizes the healing potential in their product base. These so-called ‘natural products’ may still include synthetic preservatives. There are no inert, or nonactive, ingredients in OHA. Practically every ingredient provides a therapeutic benefit to the skin."