Friday, June 7, 2013

Nasal Irrigation for Babies!

As a natural health store with a baby and children's section, we often get mamas, papas, and caregivers in lamenting about the effictiveness of their nasal aspirator. As a mom of a three year old, I remember how tough it was to get all the gunk out of my little guy's nose when he was sick, and how worried I was that he couldn't breathe fully!

Well, Dr. Hana at Nasopure has come up with a fabulous nasal aspirator that we've brought into Radiance! Called Baby Comfynose, it truly seems to work wonders. Dr. Hana is a pediatrician who has created a wonderful line of nasal irrigation systems for adults and children down to two years old.

From her website: "Teaching the art and science of nasal washing has been Dr Hana's passion with the ultimate goal to reduce medication use in the community. She lectures to all audiences, including medical physicians, naturopathic doctors, nurses & nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and consumers."

Watch the video below, and see firsthand how wonderful this product is!